Inotec tools for cable assembly

For the assembly of premium high-precision components an appropriate high-end mounting equipment is needed. Inotec provides tools suitable for all quality-relevant processing steps.

Our premises for the development, production and choice of tools:
  • Exact, reliable and permanently repeatable respect of the defined processing parameters
  • Durability and easy replacement of interchangeable inserts and wear parts
  • Ergonomic and efficient handling for economic and failure free processing 
For assembling Inotec crimp flanges and ferrules special crimping tools and dies have been developed.

Geometrics, diameters and tolerances comply with the high requirements which we impose on our products and the result of their assembly. The exclusive use of the Inotec tools according to our cable-specific crimp data definition ensures a reliable function of the crimp connection.

For the assembly of the contacts Inotec relies on approved premium crimp technologies. For our precision turned crimp contacts we always recommend using 8-indent crimp tools to achieve maximum extraction forces without damaging the braids.

In addition to the crimp technology Inotec provides assembly devices and standard tools for assembly of connectors, crimp flanges and hoods. We also put great emphasis on easy handling, quality and durability. Often there are the small details making the difference: Our locking screws with Allen® key socket facilitate the assembly under unfavorable installation situations. A simple hexagonal key with ball-nose allows to tighten the screw under an angle of up to 30°. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any mounting problems or general questions concerning assembly.
Processing tools for the original Inotec crimp flange technology
  • Hand tool for one-hand operation in workshop or field assembly
  • Hand lever press for stationary workshop assembly
  • Wear-resistant special crimp dies in hardened steel, wrench sizes in 0,5 increments
  • Special assembly devices for Inotec crimp flanges
  • High-quality shears for braidtrimming
Processing tools for crimp contacts
  • 8-indent tool for precision turned crimp contacts
  • Precision tools for female crimp contacts DIN 41612 type B
  • „Insertion and extraction tool
Various assembly tools
  • We recommend the use of our ball-nose Allen® key SDK01 for all locking screws with hexagon socket
  • You will find product-specific tools and devices (e.g. punching tool for coding pins) in the respective catalogue chapter