Protected against electro­magnetic inter­ferences

The most critical design aspects for an efficient protection of connector interfaces against electromagnetic interferences are an EMC-compliant backshell design including the fastening and locking system, a low impedance cable-shield grounding and the choice of appropriate materials and surface treatments. Inotec electronics disposes of more than 40 years of experience and outstanding know-how in development, testing and manufacture of innovative and EMC-compliant, customized or standardized interconnection systems.

Original Inotec Crimp­flange technology

This unique assembly method, originally developed by Inotec electronics, does combine a maximum mechanical robustness of the cable connection and optimum strain relief for the conductors with a gap-free and durable low-impedance 360° cable shield grounding.

Inotec coding system for D-Sub, HD and Mixed­connectors

Highly sensitive devices do require an absolutely safe and mechanically reliable encoding of their interfaces to protect them from mismatching.

Interfaces that have been equipped with Inotec coding system are 100% protected against faulty contacts. In addition, the mechanically robust full-metal design improves ground contact between connector hood and mating device.