M12 connector system

M12 connector system

M12 connector system MSR12/MRR12

With the MSR12 / MRR12 series Inotec electronics has developed a circular connector system according to DIN IEC 61076-2-101. Due to its special full metal hood the system takes account of the users’ demand for a maximum EMI / RFI shielded data transmission combined with a robust and reliable connection. Further characteristics are the compact and space-saving design as well as easy assembly and mounting.

The system is designed for an extended temperature range from -55°C to +150°C and therefore also complies with the high fire and smoke requirements of the railway industry. High-end gold-plated special contacts reliably ensure minimum transition resistances for high mating frequencies of >500 cycles.

Due to the precision turned crimp contacts, not only low contact resistances but also an optimal connection to the cable core is ensured. Representing an alternative to overmolded M12 connectors, the MSR12 / MRR12 series is focusing applications requiring field assembly or individual wirings. The original Inotec crimp flange technology provides a 360° contact to the cable shield and ensures an optimal traction relief of the cable without exerting pressure on the cable cores. The components are especially adapted for the applied cable. Main area of application for MSR12 / MRR12 series is a transmission of sensitive low-voltage signal or data through shielded cables. In particular these are Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus applications like e.g. Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Sercon, CAN Bus and further protocols being applied e.g. for data transmission in the railway industry.

These applications do require a high level of shielding against disturbances, like e.g. in control- and supervising networks or passenger information systems. Another crucial factor in this kind of networks is their mechanical robustness. Traction and torque relief for data or signal transmitting wires when cables are bended or pulled are as important as a vibration resistant interconnection to the terminal device.

While many conventional Ethernet connectors like e.g. the widely-used RJ45 plug are not suitable for this kind of mechanical load cases, the D-coded M12 series represents the optimal standard solution.

As an option, Inotec also offers a 4-way A-coded interface. Further variants or designs may be developed according to customer demands.
The Inotec M12 connector system has been particularly designed for field assembly of interconnections with extreme requirements for robustness and electromagnetic shielding. The elementary setup of the housing facilitates a failure-free assembly. High-precision turned crimp contacts with class 1 quality gold plating do provide a secure data transmission and low contact resistances even after more than 500 mating cycles.

Being the first circular connector using the original Inotec crimp flange technology, the system benefits from the unique 360° shield contact and traction relief.
Inotec M12 connector system for field assembly:
  • Maximum EMI/RFI shielding provided by full-metal housing combined with Inotec crimp flange technology
  • 360° cable shield contact, extreme traction and torque resistance without compressing the cable core
  • Compact and space-saving design in straight or 90° version
  • Robust and vibration resistant