D-Sub interconnection systems

D-Sub interconnection systems

“Safe, robust and reliable”

With its various locking options (slide-lock, push-lock, multiple screw-types), a wide range of hood geometries, application-specific design like MSB and MSBS bus-connectors or DGA piggy-back adapters and sophisticated solutions like the D-sub coding system, Inotec electronics is offering the widest range of high-end full metal D-sub connectors.

Every product family has been designed based on the same design premises:

  • Safe
    With its unique and patented crimp flange technology and a consistent full metal hood system Inotec provides a maximum shielding against disturbances through electromagnetic fields or radio frequency interferences.
  • Robust
    The complete system, including connectors, hood, fixation and cable connection guarantees an outstanding mechanical toughness due to high-end materials, tight tolerances and a solid design. 
  • Reliable
    By identifying the optimal processing parameters for every cable type we guarantee a maximum static and dynamic load capacity. High-precision gold-plated class 1 quality contacts assure permanently low transition resistances even after numerous reconnect cycles.




  • Hood design focused on EMC
  • HF-protected full metal hoods made of die-cast zinc with labyrinth cover
  • Obsolete cable outlets are closed with blind plugs for maximum HF-protection
  • Integrated grounding point
  • Minimum transition resistance to shielded cables due to unique Inotec crimp flange technology in dovetail design
  • Undisturbed and constant ground connection to any mating connector
  • Ergonomic hood geometry
  • Patented D-sub coding system
  • Wide range of locking and screw-lock options